Cairo - Aswan Abu Simbel - Luxor- Hurghada - Cairo



Arrival at Cairo International airport, meet assist through formalities , transfer to your hotel, check in, Dinner & overnight.


Breakfast , introduction to your Egyptologist guide, full day to visit (Egyptian Museum: which houses the world’s largest, most precious and most rare collection of genuine artifacts where over 250,000 pieces then the Citadel: Salah El Din Citadel which was constructed to protect Cairo and Fustat from Crusaders and to unite them as one front. Inside the citadel you will get to visit the Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali as well), back to your Hotel and overnight. 


Breakfast, Tour (The Great Pyramids & Sphinx: one of the Seven Wonders of the World; the ancient Egyptians built Pyramids as tombs for the Pharaohs and their Queens) then the open museum (Memphis):  founded in the 1st dynasty (3100 B.C) by King Narmar, Memphis was the capital of Ancient Egypt, and the first capital city founded after the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt.) and the first step Pyramid of (Sakkara): built in 2630 BC, it is considered to be the oldest major stone structure worldwide back to your hotel and overnight.


Breakfast, check out to be transferred to Cairo airport to catch your flight heading to ASWAN , meet and assist there , drive to visit the (beautiful (Nubian village) then the (High dam): was built in the 1960s and was a great achievement of President Abdel-Nasser ), Check in hotel and overnight. 


Breakfast box to drive direct to (ABU-SIMBEL temple) "around 3 hours" tour the temple, The gigantic facade of Ramses II temple represents four colossal seated figures of Ramses. The facade is 119 feet wide, 100 feet high, and the statues are each 67 feet high. The facade door leads to the interior of the temple is a 185 feet long man-made rock cave that leads to a series of halls and rooms, then return back to Aswan, Rest of the day is free. Overnight.


Breakfast, drive to visit (Philae Temple): it was dedicated to goddess Isis which was considered the mother of god and she is the mother god Horus and the consort of God Osiris, Optional (felucca ride) on Aswan Nile. Back to your Hotel and overnight.



Breakfast then travel by private bus direct to LUXOR city (around 3 hours),on our way Tour (Kom-Ombo Temple: this temple was built to honor the God of fertility Crocodile-headed Sobek, and the Falcon-headed Horus. and Edfu Temple: the second largest temple in Egypt. It is also known as the Temple of Horus ‘’the falcon-headed God’’ and it is the most beautiful and well-preserved of all the Egyptian temples). arrive to Check in your hotel in LUXOR and overnight.


Breakfast then Tour West bank (Valley of the Kings “Visit 3 tombs”: outstanding tombs carved into the desert rock, those discovered tombs has very rich decoration sand were filled with treasures for the pharaohs after life, Valley of the Queens:  where the wives of pharaohs were buried in ancient times. It was known then as Ta-Set-Neferu, meaning "the place of beauty", Temple of Hatshepsut: The queen Hatshepsut was the only female pharaoh, and the temple dedicated to her is as exceptional as she was, rising up in a series of terraces from the yellow desert, Colossi of Memnon), back to your Hotel and overnight. 


Breakfast then tour the East bank (Karnak Temple: dedicated to God Amon, his wife Mut, and their son khonsu, a great example of worship as it is the largest in history. This grand temple is actually a complex of several temples built more than two thousand years ago, then will visit Luxor temple: the temples purpose was as a setting for the rituals of the festival. The festival was to reconcile the human aspect of the ruler with the divine office), back to the hotel and overnight. 

DAY 10

Breakfast and Free day to explore Luxor city, overnight.  

DAY 11

After breakfast we will check out to drive to Hurghada By bus (around 4 hours) Check in hotel, rest of the day is free, dinner and overnight.

DAY 12

Breakfast, don’t miss to enjoy the sea activities (FREE DAY), dinner and overnight.

DAY 13

Breakfast, many options you can join in Hurghada such as "Safari trips... (FREE DAY), dinner and overnight.

DAY 14

Breakfast and good chance for the real mean of relaxation on the beach (FREE DAY) dinner and overnight.

DAY 15

Breakfast, transfer to Hurghada airport, fly back to Cairo on Arrival at noon-time (if available).
Meet & assist at Cairo airport, transfer to your hotel, dinner & overnight.

DAY 16

Breakfast, transfer to Cairo International airport for final departure.