JTT Owned (Qasr EL Bagawat “Eco-Lodge Hotel”) which located in the Western Desert in Egypt (Kharga Oasis). We decided to build a Hotel 7 hour (610 Kilo meters) far away from Cairo the Capital of Egypt to protect the beautiful Oasis there from any tourism projects inconsistent with the nature of the Eco-Oasis.

This Hotel built from the mud-bricks and full natural materials in the heart of the desert. Even the food we serve is all organic.

Hotel support the idea of low lights to help in saving electricity and never support environmentally harmful air conditioners, but it has been built with systems that give it natural air replenishment.

Qasr El Bagawat “Eco-Lodge Hotel” located on a land with total size 42,000 m² with just total 20 rooms while the rest of the land for planting different kinds of trees to help the earth to start healing and recover from all the negative impacts which comes from our carbon footprint. So, we encourage you to offset your carbon footprint in our beloved Hotel to help us plant more trees.

Please visit our website: www.qasrelbagawat.com