JTT keen to support local people and help improving good treatment of the environment through specific tasks:



·        Donate for more local people who need help.

·        Work for more green friendly environmental projects (Such as our eco Hotel in the Western desert of Egypt / Qasr El Bagawat Hotel).

·        Planting in the desert at our Eco Hotel to help to offset our carbon foot print.

·        More training to our employees to reach more sustainability.  


·        Stimulate other Tour operators to plant in the desert and donate for people who needs to.

·        Attract more customers to our sustainability services. 



Coordinate with stakeholders to establish more sustainability in Tourism in our region to help earth to recover for better future.   

Our Sustainability Criteria in the external Management


-         - JTT has the right to keep the internal management sustainability criteria on confidential basis and post some of the external management.


General information:

-        -  JTT one of the first Egyptian Tour Operator leaders in sustainability.

-         - Many of our employees are certified as Sustainability Manager through Travelife.

-         - In our (Tours) section you will find different kinds of Sustainability programs to fit your desire.

-        -  JTT against any means of corruption therefore we don’t accept any means of gifts or funds as presents to any of JTT members. 

-         - We offer you to offset your carbon footprint during your whole journey (If you wish).

-         - Following conditions and policies aren’t all a must but we better follow in case they are available:


Hotels / Nile cruises:-

-        - Approved licensed Hotel.

-        - Sustainability certified Hotels / Nile Cruises is our priority (If available).

-        - JTT inspection before choosing any Hotel / Nile Cruise.

-        - Should alert clients to save water and electricity.

-        - Follow the international law of human rights.

-        - Offer organic food.

-        - Local good products available than other international products.



-         - We stimulate our clients to offset the co2 of their international flights.

-         - Offering sustainable transport alternative solution during trips in Egypt.

-         - Dealing with suppliers whom applying safety and quality.

-         - Professional drivers with official valid licenses.

-         - New model bus/vans always required in our operation to ensure that those new coaches follow new regulation of saving energy and high safety.

-         - In groups we prefer charter flight rather than regular flights.


Guides and Tour Leaders: -

-         - Well known of JTT sustainability criteria.

-         - Speaks with clients about importance of sustainability.

-         - Gives recommendation for sustainable excursions and available options.

-         - Give options with explanation about transport types and best available sustainable offers.

-         - Never offer or help in selling or buying illegal souvenirs such as (Ex.: fauna and flora souvenirs ..etc.). 

-         - Encourage clients to visit local stores and markets.

-         - Guide customers to not waste food, water and electricity.

-         - Make recycle trash available. 

-         - Give them the chance to have their own experience at local restaurants.

-         - Explain to clients the codes and clauses of respecting local, natural and cultural environments.

-         - Explain how JTT respect and follow the international and local human rights and the rules of wildlife.

-         - Voting in the last day on the services we provide and listen to any comments in our sustainability criteria.

          - Never use papers unless necessary needed and please guide clients for same action. 

Excursions: -

-         - Eco- destination recommended as first priority.

-         - Full explanation and guiding to avoid any harm treating to those destinations.

-         - Code of heritage area explained before visit.

-         - Code of Wildlife area explained before visit.

Direct communication with clients: -

-         - JTT Marketing department has the right to re-contact the clients after their tour to make get their feedback and our teams respect the right of customers to accept the evaluation or not.

-         - JTT Newsletters supported with Customers ability to agree to continue sending it or not.